Milad Ahmadvand

photographer based in winterthur, switzerland

I have a passion for telling stories. When i grew up, there was no internet, no direct and cheap way to communicate with my loved once in Iran. The only way – beside expensive phonecalls – for us was to send letters… and even if i loved to read what my grandparents and friends were doing far away. I felt a deep connection to the photographs and videotapes they sent us, as they told me much more about them then words ever could.

Today i am happy to work as a documentary photographer. It’s a pleasure to have the camera in my hands, which opens doors in so many different worlds. Worlds i never thought i could be part of it. The camera makes me much more sensitive and allowes me to become part of my sourroundings.

Service: I guess you are looking for a photographer. There are thousands of us. And you might wonder: Am i the right one for you? Let me make the decision a bit easier for you:

If you are looking for someone who tells your personal story or your event and if you do agree with following sentences… i am sure: you are looking for me.

Integrity: I am ethical in everything i do. My reputation is built on respect for others no matter, which god they believe in, who they love, what color their skin is or how they decided to live their lifes. If you think differently. I am not the photographer you are looking for.

Passion: I totally love what I do, and want to be the best at it. Even if i’ts hard, I strive for success by always aiming higher. If you share this philosophy, i am sure: we could create great work together.

My goal is to be the one you would call again and again, whenever you need photographs. When we create something together, you can be sure, that you are the most important client at that moment. No matter what kind of project we are working on and how big the „job“ will be.